We have developed the MyCare patient system as a way to add to your web site personalized consistent information for each of your patients. Through a secure login the patient can access her MyCare section day or night. Information contained in a patient's web section is current, patient-specific, and can be as detailed as you wish, including a general overview of the process, scheduled appointments, and test results. Having this resource as a round-the-clock private reference will build patient confidence, loyalty, and facilitate doctor/patient communication.

Through an editing interface your office can easily update a MyCare web section for each of your patients. Patients with set schedules can have automated reminders triggered on the relevant day. This system is not intended as a substitution for direct communication, but is an important tool for reinforcing trust and confidence, especially at times when your office is closed.

Our patient care systems are completely customizable to your business in both design and functionality. We can provide a MyCare section as an adjunct to your existing web site with the same look and feel, or we can provide you with a completely new web site. The depth of information that you provide for your patients is completely up to you. We will work with you to create a MyCare solution that best fits your practice. Browse our demonstration site for ideas and to sample one of several editing interfaces.

We hope you will find the MyCare patient system a functional and cost effective way to reiterate to your patients your level of commitment to their care.